Novi Community School District

Novi, Michigan

McCarthy & Smith, Inc. began working with Novi Community School District in 2011 and continues with the 2019 Bond Program. 

  • 2019 Bond Program & Sinking Fund Program
    • Secure entrances installed at school buildings
    • Security doors and windows with lockdown mechanisms
    • Large additions and remodeling to multiple buildings
    • Renovations to a recently purchased building for Adult Education and Virtual Learning
    • System upgrades
    • Site, athletic, and playground improvements
  • 2014 Bond Program:
    • New Early Childhood Center ($8.5 million) opened in Fall 2016. The modern, 41,000 sf learning space features integrated classrooms for pre-K learning and enhanced building security.
    • District-wide facility upgrades and additions
    • Athletic addition at Novi High School
  • 2011 Building & Site Sinking Fund Program