Foristar Methane Facility – Concord

Concord, North Carolina

The new facility was built to convert methane gas to energy.  The Concord plant project included implementing two new 5.3MW mobile power units, combustion turbines, control house, and gas compression/treatment equipment. All mechanical, plumbing, fire suppression, electrical and control systems were installed in a new building structure. The project value for the Concord facility was $12.7 million.

Foristar Methane Facility – Albany

Albany, New York

In connection with the Concord gas to energy facility, a new facility was also constructed in Albany, New York. The Albany plant included the addition of four new 1.6MW reciprocating engines. The project included the installation of all mechanical, plumbing, fire suppression, electrical and control systems in a new building structure with a project value of $7.6 million.

Smith Creek Landfill and Pretreatment Facility

Smith Creek, Michigan

The Smith Creek landfill received a new environmental process facility with a project value of $3.15 million. The new leachate pretreatment facility uses captured leachate from the landfill that undergoes pretreatment so that it can be accepted in the local storm water treatment facility for further treating and discharge. The project scope included a new building structure, installation of extensive process piping to and from a large clarifier,  installation of chemical treatment equipment,  storage tanks and new control systems. The facility operation is fully automated, computer controlled requiring limited manpower. 

Industrial & Energy Clients

  • Arbor Hills APLP
  • Chevron Energy Solutions
  • Foristar Methane Facility – Albany
  • Foristar Methane Facility – Concord
  • Smith Creek Pretreatment Facility